Lina Abascal
Lina Abascal
LA-based Content Strategist

Lina Abascal is a creative strategist based in LA.




The voice of "your TV loving BFF" to 55+ million fans on social via in-house at Ralph Creative.



Inspiring and educating Spotify musicians and their teams via contract with The Front.


Lipton Brisk

Reaching niche music communities online and off via contract with VICE Media.

SKAM Austin.jpg

SKAM Austin

Creating in-world content for gen-Z binge watchers via in-house at Ralph Creative.


Making podcast creation modern enough for gen-Z as the Head of Content of



Inspiring people to do more and own less in today's on-demand economy via freelance.

I love all my clients tho. Here are some smaller projects: 

  • Headspace: Editorial content creation

  • Eaze: Copywriting, social strategy, editorial content creation

  • Deep Eddy Vodka: Copywriting, social strategy, influencer campaign

  • Fernet-Branca: Copywriting

  • Verizon Wireless: Editorial content creation

  • Pepsi: Editorial content creation

  • Coors Brewing Company: Content strategy, editorial content creation

  • Courvoisier: Editorial content creation

More information about these campaigns upon request.


Personal Projects & Writing


Being deeply immersed in culture and as logged on as possible is critical to the work I do.

My writing has appeared in Playboy, VICE, The Daily Beast, Refinery 29, and more.  

Sometimes I make zines and books, too.


Bloghouse: The Book

A successfully Kickstarter backed book filled with original art, interviews, and cultural criticism, from your favorite dance music era.


A Headache from Crying

A real tear-jerker told over the course of seven personal essays telling the story of a breakup without closure.


These are not about you

A collection of personal essays, poems, and short stories chronicling a decade of romance or something close to it.