Inspiring people to do more and own less through thoughtful copy and content.


The Task

  • Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Beta test strategy

Joymode is a startup that allows users to reserve experiences to inspire them to do more, but own less. Playing into the experience economy and millennials relationship to permanence, everything you need for an outdoor movie night, camping trip, clambake (a bunch of cool, resource intensive, activities) will be brought to you in style, then picked up, cleaned, and go to another user.

Joymode is not a rental or delivery app, it is a lifestyle brand and service. All of the brand’s content needed to drive that message across. From the beta-testing period through launch I crafted brand messaging and positioning for web and app copy and email marketing content.

I created a content strategy that included curated experiences by local lifestyle influencers, video product guides, and lifestyle editorial content. I also worked on crafting a holiday pop up in Silverlake where potential users could learn about the service and see the experiences in person. Joymode recently raised a 2+ million series A funding round and its user base continues to grow.