Building the brand voice and growing and audience for a new, revolutionary app.


The Task


  • Brand Voice
  • Content strategy
  • UX Copywriting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Freelancer management
  • Beta test strategy

For two years I worked in-house as head of content at technology startup Bumpers. Bumpers was an iPhone app for creating podcasts via mobile with investment from Ev Williams and Spark Capital. Starting from pre-launch I worked with the co-founders to create brand messaging and positioning. I was involved from orchestrating and managing the beta-test through seed funding, launch parties, press in TechCrunch, and partnerships with Buzzfeed News and Bleacher Report.

Daily I ran all social media accounts, curated the homepage and categories of the app and homepage, and was the primary point of contact for users and brand partners.

Bumpers had a very unique brand voice that was one of a kind in the podcasting and audio space. Through that voice, aesthetic, and our content strategy, we were able to secure the opposite of a traditional podcast demographic (old, white, lol) and tap into diverse, gen-z, audience.


A screenshot from a blog post from Bumpers' Medium page announcing a new feature to highlight tone and voice.

Lina Abascal - Bumpers - 2.png

A few screenshots from the browser feed of the platform to showcase our original series, branded collaborations, and general style.


I wrote and produced this video for Captioned, a sister app to Bumpers that included Bumpers functionality + video.